Searching for Spec on Lake O

A big, "THANK YOU," Harold, for having me and Dave out to your house and taking us on your boat. It sure was a bunch of fun! We cruised to Harold's spec spot in Lake Okeechobee and then fished for spec. The catfish did not care that we weren't fishing for them. Although I caught … Continue reading Searching for Spec on Lake O

Cake of Cheese

Dave is good. He called on his way home today and after we hung up, I laughed to myself and said, "Poor guy, he's probably wondering, does 'I don't want cake' really mean I shouldn't get cake, or is this one of those times when I should know better?" Then I prayed for help accepting … Continue reading Cake of Cheese

It was a good day to have a good day!

Today was a  life-changing day for me. First of all, when my dental hygienist handed me my appointment card six months ago showing my next one on my birthday, I thought, no, I'll call to reschedule that. Well guess what? I never did. And instead of sticking with my first thought yesterday when I got … Continue reading It was a good day to have a good day!

Reel Big Fish at the Fair

I think it is funny, how I had never heard of Reel Big Fish before exactly one month ago. On that day, December 26, 2016, we - me, Amanda and David - were driving the three hours from Ft. Myers to West Palm  when David asked if we wanted to listen to a CD he had. … Continue reading Reel Big Fish at the Fair

Big Block Party of Birds

I took this video on Christmas day in Ft. Myers. Not a rare sight for those whose yard we were in; however, I was amazed. It was really something to be standing in the middle of! And I couldn't help but think of my grandmother. Ha ha ha!!

Amanda’s Visit at Christmas – Part 2

Overdue, this is true - for those who care. For all others, stay tuned. I got something new coming for you too! In Part 1 of Amanda's Visit at Christmas 2016, I left-off on Christmas day in Ft. Myers, and in case you missed it, this has become my favorite part of Christmas - when … Continue reading Amanda’s Visit at Christmas – Part 2

Amanda’s Visit at Christmas 2016

Two and a half weeks ago, the three hour drive north then half hour west seemed like a little bit of a haul. Like a long way to go by myself, but not really. It's just been a while since I last took such a road trip by my lonesome. So I was a bit … Continue reading Amanda’s Visit at Christmas 2016

Why a Subaru?

Because my big boy here likes them the best. He has a hard time jumping up into my truck, especially now that he is nine years old and a bit overweight. And I have a hard time picking him up. I have a Subaru - a 2000 Outback, two of them actually. One is in my … Continue reading Why a Subaru?

Saturday, In the Parker – Part Two

Exactly a month after Dave's dad passed away, we were at his house, just Dave and I, on a Saturday night. Earlier that day, we had attended a celebration of life for Dave's cousin, Peggy, then went to see the sunset when we "accidentally" wound up going over the bridge on to Sanibel. Since we … Continue reading Saturday, In the Parker – Part Two

The Six-Dollar Sunset

Heading west, Dave made an impromptu move, and changing lanes said, "Let's go over to Sanibel and watch the sunset." "I don't care," I said, with no enthusiasm. "Okay good," he responded, as if I had said, "Yeah, wonderful idea!" I sat there amused at first, that he chose to take my "I don't care" … Continue reading The Six-Dollar Sunset

Saturday, in the Parker – Part One

Two memorials in three weeks with the Raffey clan - November was a month of mourning. First, on the 5th, we had a funeral mass for my father-in-law Gus, and then a memorial for Dave's cousin, Peggy, on the 26th. Emotions ran the gamut on that Saturday. Funny and sad were both had at both … Continue reading Saturday, in the Parker – Part One

Susie Homemaker I am not

"Susie Homemaker" I am not, and when Dave decided to invite his brothers over for Thanksgiving, he told me he would help get the house company-worthy. "Sounds good," I said. So he called and invited them, then informed me - No, one of his brothers had to work. So needless to say, the necessity of … Continue reading Susie Homemaker I am not

Let’s Talk

Let's talk about suits baby and I won't cry I discovered my love for displaying memories in a scrapbook long, long ago, a trait I also loved about my grandmother. My first album I believe was from her - back when they were comprised of what looked like black construction paper. For my 13th birthday, … Continue reading Let’s Talk