Big Block Party of Birds

I took this video on Christmas day in Ft. Myers. Not a rare sight for those whose yard we were in; however, I was amazed. It was really something to be standing in the middle of! And I couldn't help but think of my grandmother. Ha ha ha!!

Amanda’s Visit at Christmas 2016

Two and a half weeks ago, the three hour drive north then half hour west seemed like a little bit of a haul. Like a long way to go by myself, but not really. It's just been a while since I last took such a road trip by my lonesome. So I was a bit … Continue reading Amanda’s Visit at Christmas 2016

Positively Developing

A positive attitude about progress and growth can be hard to have when I think of how very soon, this view is to be replace with buildings.   Instead of focusing on this though, I shall strive to keep my thoughts of the thankful type. Thankful to have had the privilege of seeing such a … Continue reading Positively Developing

Solar Systems, Galaxies & Universes

Our solar system includes the Sun, eight planets, their moons, and all other celestial bodies that orbit the Sun. There are 146 known moons in orbit around the planets and another 26 awaiting final approval before being added to the list (according to NASA's website in July 2013). And that's only within our small solar … Continue reading Solar Systems, Galaxies & Universes