First of all, I would like to say to my seven faithful followers who seem to still take interest in what I post, even though for the past few years, I have been very erratic with my content, positioning and frequency. Your support through it all means so much to me. Of course, I do not know that it is my followers viewing my blog, I can only see how many people viewed which post, something I really had to get over in order to continue doing what I wish to do here.

You see, when I saw that people were actually reading what I was writing, most of the time I freaked out. Fear overcame me more times than not and I reacted a variety of ways. One of those ways was setting my site to private while I went over my plan (again) and analyzed my fear. That did no good, so I prayed. And who knows where it will go from here, but I am here working on my plan once again, and since I want to keep it open for reading while I move things around, I would like to say just a couple of things about it.

Some of the posts you receive an email for saying it is new may actually have an older date on it. I posted one yesterday that is four years old. These are posts I wrote in other blogs and am incorporating into this one, and instead of getting hung up on things I may no longer feel the same about and instead of spending my time editing or rewriting such items, I am posting them with the original date on which I wrote them. And finally, to anyone who visited my blog and saw “You do not have permission to view,” it was not you – I had it set to private and did not even realize that is what it would say. So, sorry if anyone took it personally, for it certainly was not personal!

Thank you for being here and make sure to check back at the end of the weekend for a whole new exciting blog!

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