Today was a  life-changing day for me. First of all, when my dental hygienist handed me my appointment card six months ago showing my next one on my birthday, I thought, no, I’ll call to reschedule that. Well guess what? I never did. And instead of sticking with my first thought yesterday when I got the text reminding me, which was, great, I can’t believe I have to go get my teeth cleaned on my birthday, dang it! I went with, Thank You God for giving us the means, that I get to go get my teeth cleaned, and what better day to do it than on a ‘celebrate me’ day? Yes, that sounds like a much better attitude, don’t ya think? It makes for a much better day too.

Then, after that, I went WAY out of my comfort zone, all the way down to Boynton Beach. South Congress Avenue, to be exact, and the last time I will ever let Google Maps tell me how to get somewhere. At any rate, it is a good thing I decided to forego reading in the library and decided to read in the parking lot instead while waiting for the doors to open at WXEL’s television studio. Little did I know when I accidentally passed the West Boynton Library that it would be a good thing. I was kinda mad I did that, but I did not know that Google Maps did not know that the station was not a mere 10 minutes away. It might have been 20, but all my u-turns made it 30. Whew!

wp-1486507191742.jpegSo what was I doing at the WXEL’s television station for the afternoon? I was in the studio audience during the taping of their show “Between the covers,” which I found to be a very exciting and fun time. The people there at WXEL could not have been friendlier or more welcoming, they were great. It was a neat experience all around. I believe they do this monthly and I will post the information of upcoming events such as this to my blog shortly.

Tim Dorsey is the author whom host Ann Bocock interviewed for this show, which airs on Friday evenings at 5:30 on the local PBS station in the West Palm Beach area. Unaware that they would have books there for purchase, I bought mine at Barnes and Noble and in the future will be giving the public television station my business. Just sayin. And while I’m at it, let me say that this author, Tim Dorsey, is a super funny guy. All twenty of his books are probably pretty funny too. That’s what the lady who sat next to me said.

So the life-changing stuff for me is this – I decided to have a different attitude about my appointment and it worked. I had a wonderful time at the dentist today. Driving down to Boynton Beach, I told myself repeatedly that I was excited, not anxious or fearful about stepping way down south out my box, and it worked. In hindsight, I was a little giddy and over-exuberant. And I loved every minute of it!

On another note, the one that comes with, “Happy Birthday to you,” I would like to thank everyone who wished me well on Facebook as well as called, texted or emailed. I am so blessed to have such good peeps in my life. And mom and dad, I will call you back shortly.

My last life-changing moment of the day is this: my concern for others in the way that I may help someone through my blog far outweighs my concern of what other people might think about me because of it. To quote Matt Dillon – “I have my hands full with what people do, if I concerned myself with what people think, well forget it!” When I took off of the table what other people might think, well life got a whole lot better. And now I am feeling so good, I am cleaning out our closets.

Tips on dealing with clutter, our reviews of fishing excursions, and stories of when I held myself emotionally hostage are the types of things I blog about here. So if you like it, please share! And if you don’t, well then share it anyway, it’s my birthday!


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