Because my big boy here likes them the best. He has a hard time jumping up into my truck, especially now that he is nine years old and a bit overweight. And I have a hard time picking him up.


I have a Subaru – a 2000 Outback, two of them actually. One is in my yard with a timing belt issue, which I am told means it needs a new motor, and the other, the one we took this picture in, is parked in front of our office because I can not get it to start. Not broken down, no – tenants are not allowed to keep broken down vehicles in the parking lot, don’t you know… I simply can not get it to start. Still tagged and insured for another month, I suppose I have until then to figure out what to do with it.

In the meantime, my big boy misses riding around with his mama, so anything you could do to get us into a new Subaru would make us go, “Woo Hoo!!” Like maybe buy some AVON – a WIN WIN!! Seriously, I would bet that once you try it, you will be back again, and I am not a gambling gal!

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