We stopped by my brother’s house the other day and I showed him how I fixed my truck.

“What do you mean, fixed it?” he wanted to know.

“You didn’t see it before?” I asked, almost in disbelief.

He couldn’t remember, so I reminded him.


wp-1480951289488.jpegI also acknowledged that sure, people will still judge, and conceded that back in the day I would have been one of them. I mean, it still looks rigged, but even Dave agrees that Susie-rigged looks much better than Dave-rigged.

So my brother said, “Dave, what happened?”

Dave replied, “You know… 8 foot boards, 6 foot bed.”

Enough said!

And instead of moaning and groaning and ranting and raving about it, I am trying to do what I can to change my ghetto-fied ride. So please, buy some AVON from me!


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