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Whatever floats my boat is what I write about here, and much of the time it comes to me as we are floating in our boat – literally. Our trip to the Keys in 2013 actually kicked-off this site, As Susie Sees It. We experienced many firsts on this trip, including having our first boat, and on day one I thought of how I wanted to write down some of the funny stuff that had happened. I laid it all in my head on the last day we were there, and thinking of what a good story it was going to make was the only thing that kept me from loosing it. You’ll see, if you read The Story.

The following year we took a trip to an island, where I experienced the biggest “first” of all. This would be when the owner of the island we were staying on said, “You two have been so quiet, we were all wondering if we should come check on you.” Definitely a first for me! It was also the first time that we could have different opinions without me feeling like one of us was right or wrong. I realized, for the first time, how I always tried to get Dave to agree with me and when he did not, I either tried to show him how wrong he was or got mad that he wouldn’t see it my way. This, I had to put down in writing because I never wanted to forget how life is much better when I can allow others the freedom of thought – their own thought, of course.

In addition to other trips we have taken – going to Oklahoma and of course, Ft. Myers, I also write about everyday stuff, like the sunset from Sanibel at the spur of the moment and how I normally do not do “spur of the moment” very well. Recently, I have added a section on Shutterfly where I will be posting photos from long ago of those who have descended from the Arnold and Raffey kin, a link for which you will find below.

Also below, you will see choices for reading the blog. You may start with the latest post or choose by category the type of post you would like to read. So have at it, I hope you find happy reading, and please, don’t forget to follow if you like what you see!